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Drink: Los Angeles
November 2014
Flexibound ISBN 978-1-938849-38-1
ebook ISBN 978-1-938849-39-8


➢ Some guides are unreliable popularity contests. EAT: LA is a carefully curated roster of 1,300 of L.A.’s best resources for food lovers, from bistros to brewpubs, food trucks to farmers’ markets.

➢ Some focus on the swank and expensive. EAT: LA finds high quality at every price.

➢ Some are swayed by publicists and free meals. EAT LA is produced with journalistic ethics.

And now the city has a new edition for 2012, thoroughly updated and rich with new discoveries. Plus it has a new section called Favorites, which showcases short lists of the authors’ personal favorite destinations, expanded food-truck coverage, lots of new listings, and a dazzling new cover. And despite being the biggest edition yet, it’s more compact and more bag- and car-friendly than ever.

EAT LA’s team of expert journalists shares the Why, What and Who on their favorite restaurants, caterers, ethnic markets, gourmet-to-go, breakfast cafes, taco trucks, kitchen supply, wine shops, bakeries, food festivals, ramen houses, butchers, coffeehouses, tea parlors, gelaterias, pubs, chocolatiers and much more. They cover all of L.A. County, from Long Beach to La Cañada.

Listen to Eat LA on Off-Ramp on KPCC.

Eat LA: The E-book & The Site

Yes, we’re digital! Look for the e-book on all platforms: iBooks, Kindle, Nook and more; it’s fully linked and searchable, so you can find whatever you’re craving.

It’s All About the Local, the Sustainable & the Essential

EAT: Los Angeles eschews the corporate chains and seeks the one-of-a-kind places that reflect their communities and the passion of their owners. It also flags places that are good for families, vegetarians and vegans, party-throwers, romance-seekers and night owls, and it gives a shout-out to the sustainable. Finally, it showcases the Essentially L.A. places that shouldn’t be missed.

“We would follow this guide into hell.” —Long Beach Press-Telegram


EAT: Los Angeles is edited by Colleen Dunn Bates, publisher of Prospect Park Books and a longtime food and restaurant journalist. Joining her are Jean T. Barrett, a wine and food writer for such publications as Westways and the Los Angeles TimesLinda Burum, author of A Guide to Ethnic Food in Los Angeles and an expert on international cuisines who writes for the Los Angeles Times and Los AngelesMiles Clements, who writes for the Los Angeles Times and his own blog, Eat Food with MeJenn Garbee, author of Secret Suppers and a Los Angeles Times and Squid Ink writer; Pat Saperstein, the savvy sleuth behind L.A.’s best food blog, Eating L.A.Amelia Saltsman, author of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook, and Elina Shatkin, an editor at Los Angeles magazine.