Odd One Out

By Quinton Skinner

Coming June 2017

Paperback | $16
ISBN 978-1-938849-95-4

ebook | $9.99
ISBN 978-1-938849-96-1

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Odd One Out Launch
Magers & Quinn Bookstore
3038 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55408
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
7:00 pm.

Signing and Reading
SubText Bookstore 
6 West 5th St St. Paul MN 55102
7:00 pm


When a Minnesota father of three awakens his children late in the night with news that their mother has left him and is bound for California, they set off on a hilarious, emotionally charged cross-country road trip to find her. That trip is just the beginning; it takes another decade for the mystery of what really happened to be revealed—and for the healing to begin. Odd One Out traces this compelling story in three parts, told from three points of view, and unravels the chain of events that forever changes this unconventional, brilliant, damaged, and loving family.

About the Author

Quinton Skinner is the author of the novels Amnesia Nights and 14 Degrees Below Zero, as well as the nonfiction books Do I Look Like a Daddy to You? A Survival Guide for First-Time Fathers and VH1 Behind the Music: Casualties of Rock. He has written nationally for publications including Variety, Glamour, American Theatre, and in the Twin Cities for all three of its major newspapers. Skinner resides in Columbia Heights, Minnesota.


“Quinton Skinner is like a miner, digging deep into the lives of one family for treasure, and offering it up in lyrical and graceful prose. The characters are endearing and maddening, funny and profane, tender and hopeful, and in Odd One Out, the reader is given both a unique family story and a universal one.”
Lorna Landvik, author of Once in a Blue Moon Lodge

“Quinton Skinner has written a tragic, antic, unhinged domestic drama filled with pratfalls, puke, and dysfunction galore. Also, it’s funny. You know, just like family. Odd One Out is a delight.”
Christopher Noxon, author of Plus One

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