The Perpetual Summer


By Adam Walker Phillips

Coming January 2018

Paperback | $15.95
ISBN 978-1-945551-12-3

Ebook | $11.99
ISBN 978-1-945551-13-0

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The Silent Second
A Chuck Restic Mystery
August 2017
Paperback ISBN 978-1-945551-04-8
ebook ISBN 978-1-945551-05-5


Our favorite HR man-turned-detective is back!

A missing teenage girl leads L.A. corporate HR exec–turned–private eye Chuck Restic to a high-profile fight over a new art museum and a 40-year-old murder that won’t stay in the past. Anyone can be behind the teenager’s disappearance: her fitness-obsessed mom, switchblade-toting chauffeur, personal life coach, or even the girl herself.

This second in the Chuck Restic series takes aim at the absurdities of corporate America and the realities and eccentricities of life in Los Angeles, while captivating readers with a first-rate detective story.

Praise for The Silent Second*

The Silent Second is Chinatown for the Human Resources Department. Full of humor, outrage, and suspense. Adam Phillips’s book is everything a thriller should be.”
Phoef Sutton, New York Times–bestselling author of Heart Attack and Vine and Wicked Charms

“Bodies are piling up. It’s the ultimate people problem. This guy in HR can handle it.”
Joe Toplyn, Emmy-winning writer for such shows as Monk and Late Show with David Letterman and author of Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV

“I love it when a writer ‘gets it.’ Doesn’t take him- or herself too seriously. In that sense, Adam Walker Phillips not only gets it, he takes it to a revolutionary, unique, and often hilarious, new level—all at the expense of several sleepless nights while burning through pages of The Silent Second, one of the most engaging and refreshing novels to hit the market this season. Think Monk meets Moonlighting, with a whole bunch of The Office tossed in for good measure—that is, a burned-out HR director who’s a hybrid of Marlowe and Michael Scott. Like me, you’ll laugh your ass off while immersed in the mystery.”
M. William Phelps, New York Times–bestselling author of Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer

* The Silent Second publishes August 2017


Adam Walker Phillips is a 20-year veteran of Corporate America. He has endured countless PowerPoint decks, offsite retreats and visioning sessions, synergies and synergistically-minded cross-functional teams, to bring you the Chuck Restic mystery series. He lives with his wife and children in Los Angeles.

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