Prospect Park Books is currently closed to submissions. We’re fortunate to have so many good books in the pipeline already—for now, we can’t handle reading any more manuscripts. To those of you who send in submissions anyway, please understand that we really mean it, so don’t be offended if you don’t get a response from us. We honestly just do not have the time to read submissions. We don’t expect to be open to submissions until mid-2018, but it will likely be even later than that, so please don’t send anything in until it is clearly stated on this page that we are, in fact, accepting submissions again. Thank you!

Also, when we do open again for submissions, we will only accept agented submissions.
All non-agented submissions will receive a reply from us either directing you to check out our custom publishing, or to gently remind you of our non-negotiable agented requirement. Thanks for understanding!

For the record, we do not publish:
• children’s books
• young adult
• poetry
• genre fiction other than mystery (no fantasy, sci-fi, romance, chicklit, erotica)
• short-story collections
• essay collections
• general memoirs
• creative nonfiction
• general nonfiction (business, biography, how-to, self-help, religious)

And for the future, here’s what we do publish:
• literary/popular fiction
• mystery/crime (skewing smart/thoughtful/funny, nothing either extremely dark/violent or cutesy-cozy)
• cookbooks from Southern California authors with a strong base and sales outlet(s)
• humor
• gift books with a humor, food, and/or Southern California focus