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If you’re need some recommendations, we’ve got you covered. Check out these lists put together by Colleen, Katelyn, Caitlin, and Julianne for some great reads to add to your collection.

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Eater staffers’ favorite Los Angeles restaurant cookbooks, from Mexican street food to Huckleberry pastries

George Townley, the illustrator behind the cover of An Old Man's Game, is having an online exhibition of his recent work featuring some iconic LA places. Support a gifted artist and check it out! See his Instagram post for more info:

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My passion for books started at a pretty young age. Through literature, I made friends with people all over the world, and visited places that I always wanted to see (and still do) through pages of novels and plays. Specifically, I’ve always…

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Did you just notice that Valentine’s Day is coming and don’t have any plans or gift ideas? Are the Pinterest DIY’s lacking the originality your valentine deserves? Here are a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your reader S/O…

Unique Literary Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Is Here Halloween is upon us! If you're anything like me, you wait until October 30th (or even the morning of the 31st!) to plan any kind of costumes, if you wear a costume at all. But before you resign yourself to cat ear…