Our Story

Prospect Park Books is a California native, publishing beautiful print and digital books with wit, creativity, and intelligence. We focus on fiction, gift/humor, cooking/food, and regional titles, and we work with authors, designers, and artists who are outside of the New York mainstream.

Here’s why we do this:

— We love creating great books and finding them the audience they deserve. It’s just plain fun.
— We also love being businesspeople, so we take the business part seriously. We’re showing that book publishing can be a strong, successful business.
— Our writers, designers, booksellers, sales reps, and marketing folks are just plain good people. Smart, funny, generous, and a joy to work with.
— We get to deduct the cost of buying books from our income taxes.

Here’s what sets us apart from Big Publishing:

— We’re small.
— We pride ourselves on our California sensibility. Sure, New York’s fun to visit, but we love living here.
— We give each book and each author our all. No two-week-PR-push-then-go-away attitude here. Each book is a member of our family, and we treat it as such. Fortunately, we like our families.
—  We relish the opportunity to work in partnership with booksellers, large and small, and strongly believe that curated retail collections remain a critical piece of the publishing puzzle.
— We publish quality over quantity.
— We don’t publish tawdry pseudo-porn, celebrity cookbooks, children’s books by movie stars, or (alas) books by J.K. Rowling or Barack Obama.
— Our small size and love for authors, books, and the book business make us innovative, nimble, crafty, and plucky.


Wow, you guys sound great! Are you hiring?
Currently? No, we are not. You can always check our jobs page to see if we have any open positions, and we do have an internship program as well.

Are you from Brooklyn?
No, that’s the other Prospect Park. Our business started in publisher Colleen Dunn Bates’s home in a little-known but lovely neighborhood in Pasadena called Prospect Park. It’s on the east side of the Arroyo Seco and the Rose Bowl, and it counts the Gamble House and Frank Lloyd Wright’s La Miniatura among its many architectural treasures.

Can I pay you to publish and distribute my memoir?
No, we do not publish and distribute memoirs or fiction for pay. Fortunately there are many services to help with that process now, starting with self-publishing on Amazon. However, if you are an individual, company, or institution that wants help producing a high-quality nonfiction book, we would love to help you via our imprint Raymond Press.

How can such a small publishing house produce so many high-quality books?
Sleep is overrated.

Can I buy your books from you directly?
Yes, please visit our online store! If you are considering a bulk order for resale, gifting, or swag, please give us a call. But in general, please patronize your local indie bookstore or gift retailer, or Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.com.

Are your books available as e-books?
Except for a few of our visually complex backlist, yes! You’ll find most of our titles, quite competitively priced, for Kindle, Nook, iPad, or whatever device you prefer.

I’d like to carry your books in my store. What should I do?
Our titles are distributed by Consortium. If you’re a bookseller, just click through to its site, and the good people there will happily take care of you. And please take note that Consortium is known in the industry for its free-freight-at-all-times policy. If you’d rather, you can also order from Ingram or Baker & Taylor. If you’re looking to buy for a gift/home/kitchen store, you can order directly from us or from the wonderful gift rep Stephen Young.

I have so many more questions about how publishing works. Can you help me?
Yes, click here to download our Publishing FAQs.