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If you’re a bookseller, librarian, blogger or journalist, we’d love to help you discover our books. To request a print or PDF copy of one of our books for review, please fill out the form below:


    Booksellers & Librarians
    If your bookstore or library system seems like a reasonable fit for the title in question, we’d be happy to send you an electronic galley. Please submit your name, title, name of institution, and link to your institution in the form above.

    All Reviewers
    — Please do not post about the book until at least three weeks before the publication date.
    — Please send us links to all posted reviews. If you choose not to review the book, please advise us of that fact.
    — By requesting an electronic galley, you agree to not share the file with anyone else, and we mean anyone! You also agree to destroy the file after reading the book. We are trusting folks who are avoiding DRM, so let’s keep the circle of trust going.
    — If you have any questions, need a press kit, cover image, or author photo, or want permission to use images or excerpts, please email us: