Prospect Park Books is open only to agented submissions. We are not accepting submissions for general fiction at this time, but we are for mysteries.
All non-agented submissions will likely not receive a response. We simply don’t have the time. Thanks for understanding.

Questions about publishing? Click here to download our FAQs.

For the record, we do not publish:
• children’s books
• young adult
• poetry
• genre fiction other than mystery (no fantasy, sci-fi, romance, chicklit, erotica)
• short-story collections
• essay collections
• creative nonfiction
• general nonfiction (business, biography, how-to, self-help, religious, etc.)

Here’s what we do publish:
• mystery/crime (skewing smart/thoughtful/funny, nothing either extremely dark/violent or cutesy-cozy)
• cookbooks from Southern California authors with a strong base and sales outlet(s)
• humor
• gift books with a humor, food, and/or Southern California focus
• regional titles with a SoCal focus
• compelling memoir/travel memoir