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Introducing: Suzanne Greenberg and her Lesson Plans for next spring

We couldn’t be more excited for our upcoming publication of local author Suzanne Greenberg’s thoughtful novel Lesson Plans, slated for release in May 2014. The book departs from Greenberg’s previous books aimed at children and delves into a very adult topic—the trials that many parents experience upon choosing to homeschool their children. Lesson Plans follows the lives of three Long […]

Strawberry Yellow featured in Top Suspense Sizzling Summer Sale

  What’s on your summer reading list? If you’ve recently been on the hunt for a good read in the form of a thrilling mystery novel (and really, who isn’t?) then you’re in luck! Top Suspense, an online collective of award-winning crime, mystery, and horror authors, will soon be starting its Sizzling Summer Sale! Strawberry […]

Investigating the mind of a con artist with The Texas Twist author John Vorhaus

JOHN VORHAUS has combined effective character development, hilarious shenanigans, and an inventive vocabulary composed of “fabricat” words in this third installment of Radar Hoverlander novels, The Texas Twist. Vorhaus’ followers may know Radar’s charming con man character from his previous novels The California Roll and Albuquerque Turkey, in which the protagonist successfully pulls off world-class cons in […]