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The Origins of Happiness

February 11th is the official publication date for All the Happiness You Deserve by Michael Piafsky. This is Prospect Park’s first entry in the sobering and oxymoronic ‘literary fiction’ category, a category which, by the way, didn’t exist until I was well out of the ‘assigned reading’ period of my life … if you don’t […]

Literary Pasadena: Exquisite Corpse Edition

Our new anthology, Literary Pasadena: The Fiction Edition is just hitting the shelves at Vroman’s and is available for pre-order. It’s impossible to express how completely delighted I am about the book: it’s the culmination of a lot of hard work and, frankly, I will never look at another anthology in quite the same cavalier […]

Apostrophes & Irish Blarney

Happy St. Patrick’s Day: What’s in a name? An apostrophe, that’s what. It isn’t unusual for Colleen and me to take a meeting and have a new acquaintance comment on the very – well – Irishness of our names and demeanors. And let’s face it. There’s a whole lotta Irish that wanders in and out […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, Spider!

Although diamonds, chocolates, and roses are the order of most Valentine’s Days, this year I’m thinking about the very special creatures who receive love letters in our children’s book, Vulture Verses: flies, snakes, mosquitoes, and, of course, vultures. Vulture Verses is the brainchild of the inimitable Diane Lang and is illustrated by rising star Lauren […]

Lance Armstrong, #DOPRAH, and Publishing

I think about Lance Armstrong a lot. It all began with a chance television viewing of the Tour de France set to the mellifluous tones of broadcasters Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen during one of the many dog days of a Los Angeles summer. Yes, there were cyclists on the screen and I vaguely wondered […]