goodreadsGoodreads Tips for Authors

Our author Jennifer Worick is not just one of the funniest writers out there—she’s also a very savvy publishing veteran who’s had more than 25 books published…and she’s still pretty young! She and her business partner Kerry Colburn run The Business of Books, which helps writers get published. Here’s a recent post she did on the art of using Goodreads properly:

Whether you are self-published, traditionally published, or working on getting published, Goodreads has, in short order, become an effective tool for reaching your audience. We believe that the time for building a strong author platform is NOW, even if you haven’t finished and submitted your book proposal. If you can demonstrate a powerful online reach to an audience of book buyers, you will be that much more desirable to a potential publisher.

Enter Goodreads.

If you’ve spent any time on Goodreads at all, you’ll know that it’s a robust social network that focuses on books and the readers who love them. No matter your niche demographic, your broader audience—book buyers and readers—hang out there. Here are five tips to get you started.