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We recently launched the title L.A. Mexicano, author Bill Esparza’s very own love letter to Mexican cuisine and culinary community in Los Angeles. The book, a cross between a cookbook and an exploration piece on the culture and people of L.A.’s Mexican food scene, has gathered an incredible following as Esparza travels all around Southern California, signing copies and blessing us all with his knowledge of the rich and often misunderstood topic that is Mexican food. So, please read on to learn more about the incredible reception this book has received at a few of our events in the last couple of weeks!

Beginning earlier this summer season, Esparza began to organize and attend events comprised of two key factors: book signing and food tasting. From the launch at Vroman’s Bookstore in early June to the event at Friends and Family this past weekend, Esparza has not stopped his quest to share L.A. Mexicano with the wider Los Angeles community, and with the rest of the world.

A ticket to the book signing at Vroman’s Bookstore included a copy of L.A. Mexicano, a tasting ticket to one of the visiting vendors, and the opportunity to meet and talk to Bill Esparza himself as he signed the book. The event was such a success that it was not long before L.A. Mexicano made it onto Vroman’s Bestsellers List!

One week later, signed copies of the book were being sold at L.A. Weekly’s annual Tacolandia, an event where more than one hundred taco venders gather to share their culinary treats in the heart of DTLA. It comes to no surprise that Esparza, a champion for and expert of all things Mexican food, is the curator for this event that brings bringing together taco venders from both the United States and Mexico and beyond.

Late June saw the most successful book event to date—the Hollywood Farmer’s Market Signing. On a Sunday morning, both Esparza and L.A. Mexicano photographer Staci Valentine were signing copies of the book as attendees milled around the Farmer’s Market and enjoyed delicious Ceviche samples by Coni’ Seafood. Countless supporters of the book and food enthusiasts delighted in the atmosphere of the day, and the event was one of the HFM’s most popular book signings ever.

And finally, the most recent event was this past weekend at Friends and Family, one of Esparza’s go-to restaurants. Beginning at noon, Esparza greeted patrons, signed book copies, and enjoyed of the featured dish of the day: Huevos Rancheros. Attendees were welcome to stay for brunch and enjoy a taste of Esparza’s favorite dish themselves. Click here to see some great photos from the event.

Although the events listed here are by no means extensive, we would like to thank all those who have supported and made L.A. Mexicano such a success by attending these events, and who are looking forward to stopping by any events that this book may garner in the future!

To gain more insight into L.A. Mexicano, Tacolandia, and Bill Esparza himself, take a look at his Q&A with New Worlder and be on the look out for more events to come!

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