Colleen here. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it. I just can’t handle another poll, or another wildfire, or another favorite restaurant going under. We have to rethink Thanksgiving because it’s not safe to gather with my large, jovial family, and Christmas looks iffy, too. None of our 2020 books can have in-store events, which is really hurting sales. And getting through this pre-election week with my sanity intact will take some serious effort. In normal times, my solution would be to run away: a beach in Mexico, a weekend in Vancouver, a move to New Zealand. But that’s not on the table either.

Ah, but that’s where a good book comes in. It takes us out of our daily stresses, fires our imaginations, and provides hours of peaceful, Covid-safe entertainment. So let us help you escape, and you can help us by buying direct from the source: a hardworking small press that needs all the love it can get right now.

I’ll start with our newest release:

Amos Returns in Reason to Kill

Last year we were delighted to publish Andy Weinberger’s debut mystery, An Old Man’s Game, which won acclaim from the Wall Street Journal and many others. Andy’s senior, everyman private eye, Amos Parisman, shuffles through Los Angeles again in the new Reason to Kill. Among its early fans is Gumshoe Magazine, which wrote: “Amos Parisman is one of the most unique PIs in literary history…a superb character study…Parisman serves as a guide, leading readers from one crime scene to another while reflecting on mankind’s moral decay.” Plus, Amos is drolly funny, even though he’s dealing with his wife’s dementia and some very bad actors as he tries to solve the murder of a lonely booking agent who’d fallen in love with one of his clients. This is a smart, engaging mystery that will help you forget about whatever real-life headline has most recently upset you, and you can buy it right here.

Can’t Travel? Settle in for an Armchair Adventure

We’ve got your next fantasy travel adventure. Surfer and cook Jim Kempton takes readers to the beaches and cuisine of Hawaii, Indonesia, France, and beyond in First We Surf, Then We Eat. In So Happiness to Meet You, Karin Esterhammer shares—with warmth and considerable humor—stories of her family’s move to Vietnam after the 2008 economic collapse. Saint Everywhere sees Mary Lea Carroll traveling from Mexico City to Siena to Bosnia in her quest to learn about some remarkable women of history who changed the world for the better. And in Doorways of Paris, Paris resident Raquel Puig celebrates the most evocative, romantic, and flat-out gorgeous portals in the City of Light.

Laughter Heals All

Have we ever needed a laugh more? Click on any of the titles below to get your giggle on. The one on the far right is a sneak preview: Jill Orr’s absolutely delightful How Not to Be Old (Even If You Are), with illustrations by Kate Wong. It’s not in stores till November 10th, but we’ve got copies now. For an engaging story with lots of laughs, check out Gina Fattore’s new unromantic comedy, The Spinster Diaries, or Lian Dolan’s bestselling classic, Helen of Pasadena, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this month. Finally, if you just want to punch everything in the face—and who doesn’t?—Jennifer Worick provides the catharsis in Things I Want to Punch in the Face.

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