WhoWants2ndsCvrFinal_smallOne of the challenges—and perks—of being a publisher is the way you have to jump around between past, present, and future. So as we’re editing and launching our current books, we’re look for opportunities to showcase our backlist books and thinking at least a year ahead to the future. It’s already 2014 in our world, which means it’s time to announce our lineup of books for the fall/winter 2013-14 season. We’ll be adding detailed pages on each of these titles very soon; this is just a sneak preview.


First up, we’re so happy to be be publishing our second book with Naomi Hirahara, author of the Mas Arai mystery series. We’re just launching her fifth in the series, Strawberry Yellow, right now; hitting the shelves in August/September will be the first paperback edition of her fourth book, Blood Hina. Naomi is a joy to work with, and her fans love her as much as we do. Blood Hina finds Mas encountering a mystery involving a rare collection of Japanese hina dolls, and the man of very few words works his usual low-key magic.

TheDevilsInterval_smallNext in line is another terrific mystery: The Devil’s Interval, by Portland resident Linda Lee Peterson. A longtime San Franciscan, Peterson has created an engaging protagonist in Maggie Fiori, an editor at a San Francisco city magazine who finds herself solving murder mysteries. This is the follow-up to the debut Edited to Death; it centers around a jazz club owner and her son, who’s on Death Row for a society murder he may not have committed. Despite a promise she made to her husband as part of her effort to make amends for damage she caused to her marriage, Maggie gets more involved in the case than is probably wise.

WhoWants2ndsCvrFinal_smallOctober will bring a cookbook we’re really excited about, in part because right now we’re all busy trying the recipes: Who Wants Seconds? Sociable Suppers for Vegans, Omnivores & Everyone in Between. It’s going to be gorgeous, all hand-illustrated by author Jennie Cook, an acclaimed LA caterer, permaculturist and master food preserver who also happens to be a remarkable visual journaler. Structured like a journal, Who Wants Seconds? is all about creating and sharing convivial, delicious dinners with family and friends. It begins with Jennie’s hearty childhood meals in Pennsylvania Dutch country, goes through her years working in New York restaurants and running an LA catering business and restaurant, and encompasses her more recent quest to create deeply flavorful vegan and/or sustainable meals. It’s simple cooking, the kind of food you want to eat every day, and she shares lots of hard-earned entertaining tips, too.

QuitSmokingCover_SmallMoving into the 2014 part of the fall/winter season, our next title is a departure for Prospect Park: Quit Smoking for Life—A Simple Proven 5-Step Plan. This is the first title under our new Raymond Press imprint, and it reunites me (publisher Colleen Bates) with my old writing friend Suzanne Schlosberg, who’s one of the finest health writers in the nation. This book uses real-world success stories to guide readers through a simple program to quit smoking that has already worked for more than 400,000 people. It’s got the endorsement and support of the American Cancer Society, and we predict huge success with this important book.

HappinessCoverSmallFinally, to close out the season in February of 2014, we’re particularly proud to be publishing the debut novel by Michael Piafsky, a professor of creative writing at Spring Hill College and a former editor of the Missouri ReviewAll the Happiness You Deserve. We get a lot of submissions nowadays, and it’s rare indeed that all of us read something immediately and love it. That’s what happened here, and we believe great things will happen for Michael and his writing. All the Happiness is an engaging, powerful, thoughtful examination of one man’s journey through life, from childhood to old age, told in 72 short chapters, each of which starts with an image from a Tarot deck.