By Michael Piafsky


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ISBN 978-1-938849-15-2

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A few months after publication, love for Michael Piafsky’s brilliant debut novel continues to grow. Some recent examples:
— A wonderful review and interview in Shelf Unbound
— An audio interview and reading with the Missouri Review
— An excerpt in Necessary Fiction


This dazzling debut novel follows its midwestern narrator from childhood to old age as he examines the touchpoints and transitions that define a life. Scotty’s languorous journey takes him through the pivotal experiences common to so many American men: a middle-class childhood, college, marriage, fatherhood, cross-country moves, business success and failure, and aging. Author Michael Piafsky frames his story with Tarot images that provide a subtly cutting commentary on the disconnectedness of society and the perplexing isolation of the human condition. Engaging and thought-provoking, All the Happiness You Deserve is a novel set to make its mark on the American literary landscape.


Michael Piafsky is the Director of Creative Writing at Spring Hill College in Alabama. The Missouri native earned an MA in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD from the University of Missouri. A former editor of the Missouri Review, Piafsky has published fiction and nonfiction in such journals as Meridian, Epic, and Bar Stories. A chapter from All the Happiness You Deserve was published by the Jabberwock Review and nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

“…Beautifully written and deeply rewarding. Piafsky is heading toward becoming a major writer.” —Booklist

“Brilliant prose…Michael Piafsky is a word wizard who moves readers from pity to humor to pathos in All the Happiness You Deserve…[He] peppers each chapter with prose so dramatic and suspenseful that the book becomes impossible to put down.” —ForeWord Reviews

“Michael Piafsky’s debut novel is a beautifully rendered character study… [he] writes with precision, finding meaning, and even beauty, in both the mundane and dramatic elements of an ordinary life.” — Shelf Unbound

“Expertly weaves the ups and downs one encounters in a long life. . . . My summary doesn’t do it justice. It would be like saying, ‘Marcel Proust was a gossip and a fan of pastries.’ . . . Piafsky writes in such a way that you can feel the passage of time and the accumulation of life events, memories, regrets, and sorrow. . . . It is a solemn meditation on American masculinity.” —CCLaP- Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

“Michael Piafsky finds the remarkable in seemingly unremarkable things. He is a poet of everyday details, and All The Happiness You Deserve is a beautiful, confident novel, full of unique and unexpected energy.”
Scott O’Connor, author of Half World and Untouchable

“With a pointillist painter’s skill and vision, Michael Piafsky uses brief scenes to create a full canvas. All the Happiness You Deserve succeeds brilliantly on both a microscopic and telescopic level with the sum of its parts being greater than the whole–and yet somehow each part stands on its own as a perfect jewel, a flash of light. Using the ancient symbolic wisdom of the Tarot deck as a brilliant and haunting structure for this accomplished debut novel, Piafsky depicts the arc of a man’s life from childhood to middle age, presenting his central character’s destiny with both clarity and compassion.”
Marly Swick, author of The Summer Before the Summer of Love and Evening News

“Michael Piafsky is quite a good writer: smart, playful, energetic, and a skillful hand with words, besides being very funny when it’s the appropriate time to be funny, and touching when the situation calls for it too. I hope he gets the readership he deserves.”
Stephen Dixon, National Book Award nominated author of Frog and Interstate

“A distinctive, insightful portrait of the everyday rhythms of life and the fragile, complicated threads that connect us, All the Happiness You Deserve is a wildly original, mesmerizing debut.”
Amy Hatvany, author of The Language of SistersHeart Like Mine, and Outside the Lines