Recipes from a Lifetime of Surf Travel
By Jim Kempton

September 2018

Hardcover | $29.95
ISBN 978-1-945551-33-8
Ebook also available
ISBN 978-1-945551-34-5

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Jim will be doing an extensive author tour in California, Hawaii, and beyond.

Not Your Everyday
Surf n’ Turf

Jim Kempton has spent his life traveling, surfing, and eating, along the way learning to cook the best beach-loving dishes from the world’s best beach towns. Now he’s sharing his vibrantly colorful, flavorful, and healthful collection of recipes, along with stories of the best waves, markets, restaurants, adventures, and misadventures that he’s experienced as he’s surfed the world.

Discover the dishes, the beaches, the waves, and the stories from:
The Basque Country • California• The Caribbean • Central America • Hawaii •
Guam, Tahiti & the South Pacific • Indonesia • Mexico • Morocco • Peru

  • Foreword by The Surfer’s Journal publisher Steve Pezman
  • Chef’s foreword by famed surfer/chef Raphael Lunetta
  • Photographs by renowned surf and food photographers, including Art Brewer, Jeff Divine, Bill Schildge, and Tom Servais

About the Author

Jim Kempton has been the editor and publisher of Surfer magazine; the director of Quiksilver’s Crossing Project, a boat that searched the world for the best surf breaks; the director of media for Billabong; and the owner of an award-winning restaurant in California. He’s currently president of the California Surf Museum, as well as a writer and surf-industry consultant.

Foreword author Steve Pezman is the founder, editor, and publisher of The Surfer’s Journal, and chef’s foreword author Raphael Lunetta is the chef/owner of the two Lunetta restaurants in Santa Monica, California, the founding co-chef of JiRaffe, and a lifelong surfer.