By Phoef Sutton

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Colorado Boulevard
A Crush Novel
December 2017
Hardcover ISBN 978-1-945551-14-7
Paperback ISBN 978-1-945551-15-4
ebook ISBN 978-1-945551-16-1

Heart Attack And Vine
A Crush Novel
November 2016
Hardcover ISBN 978-1-938849-84-8
Paperback ISBN 978-1-938849-68-8
ebook ISBN 978-1-938849-69-5

A Crush Novel
July 2015
Paperback ISBN 978-1-938849-36-7
ebook ISBN 978-1-938849-37-4

A Gripping Novel About Family, Love, Loss. . .
and Spirits

Sammy Kehoe, his sister, Charlotte, and her four-year-old daughter, Maggie, are all each other have left since the car accident that killed the rest of their family. When they visit their beloved old family home on remote Fox Island, Maine, Sammy and Charlotte each have relationship sparks with island locals. But the budding idyll is shattered when Sammy and Maggie’s unexplained abilities to “see things” are put to the test when dangerous ghosts from the past resurface.

At first, this novel about an unusual and loving family draws readers in with warmth and intrigue—and then it builds with suspense that makes it impossible to put down.

Praise for the Crush Mysteries

Heart Attack and Vine hit all the right notes for me… every chapter was steeped in snark, wit and movie references. There’s magic in this book.”
Carole Barrowman, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“Terrific…. Crush makes a wonderful lead.”
Publishers Weekly

“As slick as a switchblade with a pearl handle.”
Lee Child, the New York Times–bestselling author of the Jack Reacher novels

“With nonstop action and variations on the man-with-a-gun distraction that go Chandler one better, Crush is also an homage of sorts to Chandler’s pulp fiction and, moreover, Elmore Leonard’s crime fiction. Like Leonard, Sutton writes great dialogue and lavishes almost as much care and attention on his villains as he does his heroes.”
Los Angeles Times

“Sly, knowing, and hilarious, Heart Attack and Vine is a perfect caper book set inside Hollywood’s Dream Factory that just screams ‘movie!.’ Studios, please option this immediately.”
Denise Hamilton, bestselling crime novelist and editor of the Edgar-winning short story anthology Los Angeles Noir

“A swagger of a book.”

“Like Kurt Vonnegut and T. Jefferson Parker teamed up to write a mystery.”
W.L. Ripley, author of the Wyatt Storme mysteries

Praise for From Away

From Away is a complex, surprising, and haunting novel. Sutton’s trademark wit lives within these pages, but here he reaches deeper, into a dark place, and finds something richer, something more human, than in any of his previous books. This is a page-turner of a different kind: mysterious, weird, and deeply affecting.”
Tod Goldberg, New York Times–bestselling author of Gangsterland and Living Dead Girl

“I loved this book—it’s the best take on ghosts and how they work that I’ve ever read. Scary and mad but real, with crackling dialogue, From Away is a rare creature: a proper novel and a proper ghost story. I massively enjoyed it.”
Steven Moffat, creator of Sherlock and executive producer of Dr. Who

“Phoef Sutton’s From Away is a unique trip of a book. It starts off as a family drama, then morphs into a wild ghost story. It’s about finding love in the real world and finding freedom to escape into the real hereafter. It’s funny, wild, and touching. Not like any other novel I’ve ever read. Check it out.”
Robert Ward, author of Red Baker and Four Kinds of Rain

About the Author

Phoef Sutton is a New York Times–bestselling novelist, television writer, and playwright whose work has won two Emmys, a Peabody, a Writers Guild Award, a GLAAD Award, and a Television Academy Honors Award. The first two novels in the Crush series, Crush and Heart Attack and Vine, were Kirkus Best Mysteries of the Year, and Crush was a Los Angeles Times “Summer Reading Page-Turner.”

Sutton has been an executive producer of Cheers, a writer/producer for such shows as Boston Legal and NewsRadio, a writer for Terriers, and the creator of several TV shows, including the cult hit Thanks. He is also the co-author, with Janet Evanovich, of two New York Times bestsellers, Curious Minds and Wicked Charms. His other novels include the romantic thriller 15 Minutes to LiveSutton lives with his wife and two daughters in South Pasadena, California, and Vinalhaven, Maine.

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