Edited by Nancy Roberts Ransohoff

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ISBN 978-0-9753939-5-6

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Hometown Santa Barbara explores the capital of the Central Coast and her neighbors like no traditional guidebook can. This new sibling of the Hometown bestsellers is like having a dyed-in-the-wool local – five of them, actually – introducing you to the most interesting people in town, telling you the most fascinating stories, and whispering in your ear where to find the best antiques store, oceanview restaurant, surf spot, art gallery, peaceful hiking trail or convivial coffeehouse.

From Carpinteria and Montecito to Goleta and Santa Barbara wine country, this witty, richly colorful book unlocks the insider secrets of the Central Coast. With a foreword by Academy Award-winning author Fannie Flagg and cover art by Hank Pitcher.


Editor: Nancy Roberts Ransohoff

Authors: Cheryl Crabtree, Starshine Roshell, Nancy Roberts Ransohoff, Leslie Dinaberg and Zak Klobucher

Foreword by Fannie Flagg

Hometown Pasadena
October 2008
Print only
Flexibound ISBN 978-0-9753939-4-9
Stay tuned for a new edition!

Hometown Santa Monica
November 2007
Print only
Flexibound ISBN 978-0-9753939-2-5