By Jill Orr


November 2020

Hardcover | $14.95
ISBN 978-1-945551-93-2

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Getting older is a privilege, being old is optional.

Old suggests you have life experience, but OLD means you won’t shut up about it. Old brings with it a more relaxed pace of life, while OLD is synonymous with slow driving (and even slower digestion). Old comes with a quiet confidence envied by youth, but OLD comes with bitterness and a rigidity that youth cannot rightfully stand. While growing old is a privilege, becoming OLD is optional. If you don’t mind being “Okay, Karen-ed” by Millennials and Gen Zs, that’s totally your choice. But if want to update some of your long-held beliefs (and possibly your even-longer-held hairstyle) to become more relevant, How Not to Be Old will clue you in on how a slight adjustment in behavior and thinking will help you more fully connect with today’s world… and the people who will be in charge of your nursing home one day.

A humorous how-to guide on aging gracefully… or not. Perfect gift for boomers, GenX, & millennials looking to find the funny in getting older.


A PEOPLE Magazine Editor’s Pick!

Debuted as a #1 Amazon Bestseller in multiple categories including Internet & Social Media Humor, Aging Parents, and Cultural, Ethnic & Regional Humor!

“The quintessential holiday gift is one that sparks some (much-needed) joy without breaking the bank—and this little how-to guide checks both boxes.”

“The book brims with wisdom, heart and self-deprecating humor. Friend to every generation, Jill Orr writes with an easy, knowing style — you can practically sense her smile radiating through the page.”
Columbia Daily Tribune, read the full article here.

About the Author

Jill Orr is the author of the Riley Ellison mystery series, which has been called “delightfully comic” and “highly amusing” by Publishers Weekly. Books in the series have garnered praise from industry professionals and readers alike and have earned a Silver Falchion nomination, a starred review and “Best Book of the Week” from Library Journal, and a Midwest Connections pick.

Originally from Chicago, Jill moved to Columbia, Missouri, to attend the University of Missouri, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and her master’s degree in Social Work. However, these days the only social work she does is at cocktail parties, and she sometimes wishes her degrees were in What’s for Dinner and Decoding the Teenage Eye Roll.

Jill lives in Missouri with her husband and two (usually delightful) teenage children. The fourth installment in the Riley Ellison series, The Full Scoop, is also new for 2020. Learn more at