A Leilani Santiago Hawai’i Mystery

By Naomi Hirahara

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Ice-Cold Murder,
Island Style

Leilani Santiago has left her post-collegiate life in Seattle to return home to the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i. Her mom’s been diagnosed with MS, and she wants to help keep afloat the family business, a shave ice shack. When Leilani arrives at work one morning, she stumbles across a dead body, a young pro surfer who was being coached by her estranged father. As her father soon becomes the No. 1 murder suspect, Leilani must find the real killer and somehow safeguard her ill mother, little sisters, and grandmother, while trying to keep the long-distance relationship with her boyfriend alive.

With Iced in Paradise, award-winning mystery writer Naomi Hirahara is at the top of her game, introducing a smart, outspoken, sometimes cranky young sleuth and immersing readers in the charms and quirks of small-town Hawaiian life.

About the Author

Naomi Hirahara headshot 2014_sm

Naomi Hirahara is the Edgar-winning author of the Mas Arai mystery series, including Summer of the Big Bachi, Strawberry Yellow, Sayonara Slam, and Hiroshima Boy. She is also the author of the Leilani Santiago mysteries, the Ellie Rush mysteries (Penguin), and the co-author of Life After Manzanar (Heyday). Her Mas Arai books have earned such honors as Publishers Weekly‘s Best Book of the Year and one of the Chicago Tribune’s Ten Best Mysteries and Thrillers. Naomi has also written many books about gardening and Japanese-American history and culture, and has contributed to several anthologies, including Los Angeles Noir, Santa Cruz Noir, and Hometown Pasadena. The Stanford University alumna was born and raised in Altadena, California; she now resides in neighboring Pasadena. Learn more at naomihirahara.com.


Iced in Paradise – An Interview with Author Naomi Hirahara on her Upcoming Release
In this interview, Naomi discusses how language, location, and culture shaped Iced in Paradise.

Want to hear more from Naomi?
Check out her interview with Library Journal by clicking here.

Praise for Iced in Paradise

A Hawaiian Library Hot Pick

“While I enjoyed the unusual characters and the surprising conclusion, what set this apart from most mysteries was the unique politics of the island… What adds realism to the story is the author’s occasional use of Hawaiian dialect by the islanders.”
Mystery Scene

“A delicious multicultural mystery with an instantly lovable heroine, lively family dynamics, and a vivid sense of place. I inhaled it like my favorite shave (not shaved!) ice!”
Sarah Kuhn, author of Heroine Complex

“Iced in Paradise proves why Edgar-winning author Naomi Hirahara is among today’s best traditional mystery writers. She magically intersperses Hawaiian culture with an intriguing murder mystery. It’s a good thing this is a planned series because you’ll want to spend lots of time with Leila Santiago and in her family’s shave ice store. The next best thing to actually going to Hawai’i.”
Kellye Garrett, Agatha, Anthony, and Lefty award-winning author of Hollywood Homicide

“After returning home to Kaua’i to help her family, Leilani Santiago finds herself in the midst of a murder investigation and torn between her loyalties. Naomi Hirahara perfectly captures Leilani’s Caucasian-Filipino-Japanese multicultural family, with its unique blend of traditions, dialogue, and food. Hirahara depicts local flavors and a gorgeous setting few Mainlanders ever see, along with the challenges of life on a tourist-driven island. This is a delightful new series that promises more compelling adventures of this sharp-witted, relatable heroine.”
Cynthia Chow, branch manager of Kaneohe Public Library, O’ahu

“In Iced in Paradise, we are introduced to Leilani Santiago, a refreshing millennial heroine full of wit, sass, and (as much as she may try to hide it) heart. I tore through this book, delighting in the authenticity of the setting as much as the nuanced cast of characters. Naomi Hirahara has once again crafted a complex mystery steeped in culture that readers will adore.”
Jill Orr, author of The Good Byline and The Ugly Truth

Praise for Hiroshima Boy

Hiroshima Boy is the final appearance for Mas Arai, the protagonist of Altadena author Naomi Hirahara’s seven-book mystery series. Hirahara has crafted a fitting “finale” to this Edgar Award-winning series: Mas, the 85-year-old retired L.A. gardener and amateur detective, returns to his birthplace of Japan to deliver the ashes of his best friend to an island off of Hiroshima. Hirahara would seem to be telling the quiet story of a coming home, but it’s also a metaphorical ghost story — the ghost images of the Japan Mas remembers, the atomic bomb and its far-reaching shadow, Mas’s dead friend, and a young boy whose body Mas discovers during his visit. The subsequent investigation launches a compelling plot, but the heart of the book, where it transcends its genre, is Hirahara’s moving exploration of the ways people are haunted.”
The Los Angeles Daily News, which included Hiroshima Boy in their list of “5 Wonderful New Books for Southern California Readers”

“I’ve always admired Naomi Hirahara’s Mas Arai. A brilliant, unique addition to mystery fiction from the very beginning, his character has straddled time, place, and culture, with roots in one of the most terrible acts of violence war has ever inflicted upon humanity. And Mas has prevailed while growing older in a country that does not always value the wisdom of its elders, or those who work with their hands. This may be the last entry in the series (really?), but I am sure readers will come to love Mas for years to come—he is one of a kind. Hiroshima Boy is a wonderful finale to a fine mystery series. Kudos to Naomi Hirahara.”
Jacqueline Winspear, author of the New York Times–bestselling Maisie Dobbs mysteries

“Hirahara is an Edgar-winning author, and her seventh and, we’re told,final Mas Arai novel is another winner, with Mas again showing flashes of Columbo, with, perhaps, an even finer nose for nuance. A memorable conclusion to a too-little-known series.”

“With Hiroshima Boy, Naomi Hirahara offers readers another fine, artfully understated story about a man who believes himself to be average, yet is anything but. Carrying the ashes of his deceased best friend, Mas Arai returns to Hiroshima, where he spent his childhood and was witness to the bomb that devastated the city and its populace. When Mas stumbles onto the body of a murdered boy, what began as a simple mission to keep a recent promise becomes a complex journey in understanding the past. Like a Zen poet, Hirahara creates a quiet surface with a powerful storm beneath. The novel purports to be the last in this Edgar Award–winning series. We can only hope that Naomi Hirahara has a change of heart.”
William Kent Krueger, New York Times–bestselling author of Ordinary Grace and the Cork O’Connor mysteries

“Edgar-winner Hirahara’s moving seventh and final Mas Arai mystery…. Hirahara has crafted a fitting ending to Mas’s journey from stricken Hiroshima to what he considers his real home in Altadena, California.”
Publishers Weekly

A “Must Read of 2018.”
South China Morning Post