By Mark Dawidziak

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Mark Dawidziak performing as Mark Twain to a packed house in the author’s study at the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT, on June 9, 2015.

Can you tell the real Twain from author Mark Dawidziak?

Can you tell the real Twain from author Mark Dawidziak?


This illustrated collection of Mark Twain quotes presents the best of the curmudgeonly writer’s thoughts on diet, exercise, medicine, smoking, drinking, romance, parenting, old age, fashion, finances, politics, and religion. Curated by Twain expert Mark Dawidziak, it’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s had enough of Gwyneth’s self-righteous advice. And even though it’s packed with wicked humor and anti-advice, it’s actually rich with wisdom as well.

 Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.

As for drinking, I have no rule about that. When the others drink I like to help.

I have seen slower, quieter, more listless, lazier people than I am, but they were dead.

Familiarity breeds contempt — and children.

Do not put off until tomorrow what can be put off till day-after-tomorrow just as well.

dawidziak.mark_-e1269274655446-150x150Mark Dawidziak is the television critic for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, as well as an acclaimed author, playwright, director, and actor who frequently portrays Twain in live performances. A recognized Mark Twain scholar, he has written several books on the author, including Mark My Words: Mark Twain on Writing (1996) and Horton Foote’s The Shape of the River: The Lost Teleplay About Mark Twain (2003). His other books include the horror novel Grave Secrets and two histories of landmark TV series: The Columbo Phile: A Casebook and The Night Stalker Companion.  He lives in northeast Ohio, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Check out Mark’s Author Q & A and his website for more information.

Mark Dawidziak preparing to perform as Mark Twain

Mark Dawidziak preparing to perform as Mark Twain

Praise for Mark Twain’s Guide

“Nobody gets Mark Twain the way Mark Dawidziak does. Here is the master in all of his certainty, humor, and undertow. This book wonderfully underscores how contemporary Mark Twain is and always will be.”
Ken Burns, award-winning documentary filmmaker

“Mark has got mighty dedicated to the restoration of Twain into our thinking and has pursued a trail of scholarship which led him to deeply research the man we so admire. We became friends early on when he covered theatre and television for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and have a mutual reverence and love for Mark Twain’s teeming, explosive mind. This is a collection of these explosions. I think you will enjoy them. I have enjoyed them for 60 years.”
Hal Holbrook, actor

“Mark Dawidziak is as comfy and entertaining a tour guide through the world of Mark Twain as Twain himself was a tour guide through the world. In other words, Mark Twain’s Guide is such a fun read that the only thing dry about it is the ink.”
David Bianculli, television critic and guest host for NPR’s Fresh Air

“With this wink to his readers, Dawidziak sets up a humorous collection of Mark Twain’s advice, quotes, and maxims on various topics that provide the basis for twenty short chapters…This current book, with its eye-catching cover featuring an embossed cameo of Mark Twain by Albert Levering from 1905, will likely be another popular volume for both the collector and gift-giver. ”
Twain Forum

“A font of insight and common-sense wisdom that transcends generations, Mark Twain’s Guide is a browser’s treasury, enthusiastically recommended.”
Midwest Book Review

Praise for Mark My Words: Mark Twain on Writing

Los Angeles Times: “Mark Dawidziak has a good point: There are a zillion books on how to write by people you’ve never heard of; why not take a few suggestions from the author of Huckleberry Finn?”

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Every bit as delightful as it is useful.” “This is one of the best books on writing that I know of.”