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PREVIEW MARRY, KISS, KILL: Marry, Kiss, Kill—Chapter One


It’s the glamorous Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and Nola MacIntire, the Deputy Chief of Detectives for the Santa Barbara Police Department, has three dead bodies on her hands and a boss breathing down her neck to keep the blood-frenzied media at bay. Plus her fear of aging is threatening to become a full-fledged midlife crisis.

Fortunately, Nola’s got the gumshoe chops and an intuitive talent for solving challenging crimes—and there’s nothing like a murder to take her mind off fledging crows’ feet. It helps that she has the perfect partner (and foil) in Detective Tony Angellotti, a handsome Casanova who’s determined to keep Nola’s neuroses at bay. The two give new snap to the term “snappy dialogue,” and they follow every lead—from a homeless shelter to an obscenely over-the-top mansion, an Air Force base to a beer-soaked UCSB student apartment—to unravel the mystery and save their idyllic hometown from even more death and destruction.

Hard-boiled yet hilarious, Marry, Kiss, Kill is one of the sharpest and funniest mysteries to debut in years.


Anne Flett-Giordano is a five-time Emmy-winning television writer and producer whose credits include Frasier, Becker, Desperate Housewives, and Hot in Cleveland. In addition to the three Best Comedy and two Best Writing in a Comedy Series Emmys, Anne (with her screenwriting partner Churck Ranberg) has won a Producer’s Guild Award, a Golden Globe, and a Writer’s Guild nomination for Best Writing in a Comedy Series. Currently a writer on the TV show Mom, Anne divides her time between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California, where she shares a home with her husband, Arnie, and two book-blocking cats, Raider and Gracie. Learn more at, and find her on Twitter at @AnneFlettGiord and on Facebook here.

Listen to Anne talk about mysteries, writing funny for TV, and more with Lian Dolan on The Satellite Sisters’ hit podcast: The Satellite Sisters.

Everyone Loves Marry, Kiss, Kill

A “Best of 2015” Mystery in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the St. Louis Post Dispatch!

A Los Angeles Times Bestseller!

A T. Jefferson Parker Mystery Award Finalist!

“The verdict on Marry, Kiss, Kill deserves three verbs of its own: Get. Read. Enjoy.” — St. Louis Post Dispatch

“Do not take this book on a plane ride because you’ll snort and snicker so much your seat mate may hurt you… This debut kills.” —Carole E. Barrowman, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

A Summer Reading Page-Turner — Los Angeles Times

“Raymond Chandler meets Chelsea Handler—a hard-boiled, sexy, funny book.”
— David Hyde Pierce, acclaimed Broadway actor and star of Frasier

“A delightful combination of snark, sass, and sunshine… Nola and Tony trade witty banter and relationship woes, while connecting the criminal dots, making the bite-sized chapters fly. This funny, sexy mystery is one to enjoy in the sun, preferably with sand between your toes and an umbrella drink close at hand.” — Publishers Weekly

“A perfect beach read.” — Library Journal

“Flett-Giordano proves that the rapid-fire banter and tight plotting required for a television sitcom translate perfectly to the mystery genre.” — Shelf Awareness for Readers

“The one-liners seem more and more natural as the book goes on, and by the end, the reader is eager for more. Recommend this enjoyable romp to fans of Evanovich and other wisecracking lady sleuths.” — Booklist

“Anne Flett-Giordano is a writer who constantly surprises and delights me. The real mystery here is: why hasn’t she written a mystery before now? Marry, Kiss, Kill is dead-on!”
— Tom Fontana, creator of Oz, Copper, and Borgia and award-winning writer of St. Elsewhere, Strip Search, The Philanthropist, and many more

“For those who like their mysteries more breezy than brooding, Flett-Giordano delivers the goods. Marry, Kiss, Kill is a fun, twisty romp that keeps the tone airborne even when detailing a murder that suggests how Titus Andronicus might have behaved if left in charge of a day spa. I enjoyed its cast of soldiers, schemers, and seducers, but most of all Nola MacIntire, a shrewd, self-deprecating sleuth who knows that, for Santa Barbara blondes, the real killers are sun, carbs, and time.”
— Joe Keenan, author of My Lucky Star and other novels and award-winning writer of Frasier, Desperate Housewives, and other TV shows and films

“Flett-Giordano has written a smart, irreverent, and delicious yarn. Murder and mayhem in picaresque Santa Barbara… ah, how sweet it is.”
— Wendie Malick, actress and star of Hot in Cleveland, Just Shoot Me, and Dream On

“Flett-Giordano’s first novel is a deliciously barbed satire of the Southern California 1% in the satisfying guise of a sunshine noir, with a zinger-to-page ratio high enough to have me flipping between laughter and envy.”
— Howard Korder, award-winning executive producer of Boardwalk Empire and writer of such films and plays as Lakeview Terrace, Boy’s Life, and Search and Destroy

“Deeply twisted and deeply funny, Marry, Kiss, Kill is a laugh-out-loud murder mystery. Flett-Giordano’s delightfully sardonic sense of humor is outrageous and satisfying. Can’t wait for the next adventure!”
— Jane Leeves, star of Hot in Cleveland, Frasier, and more

“Smart cop Nola needs a Skinnygirl margarita to get through a series of seemingly unrelated murders… Luckily, her partner, Detective Lt. Tony Angellotti, is one of the few men able to match her fast talk… Their His Girl Friday, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it banter serves as the background for their attempt to solve the murder of a music man, a sweet street busker found with two slugs in him without apparent reason.”