An Amos Parisman Mystery
By Andy Weinberger

September 2020

Paperback | $16
ISBN 978-1-945551-86-4
Ebook | $9.99
ISBN 978-1-945551-87-1

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An Old Man’s Game
An Amos Parisman Mystery
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Retired private eye Amos Parisman is just trying to keep things kosher.

Somewhat-retired L.A. private eye Amos Parisman is hired by lonely booking agent Pinky Bleistiff to find one of his missing singers, Risa Barsky. But what starts as a simple investigation turns into a complex puzzle when Pinky is murdered and Risa is still nowhere to be found. With suspects dropping dead at every turn, Parisman must act quickly to discover the truth about Risa’s relationship with Pinky before an innocent person gets sent to prison.

About the Author

Andy Weinberger is the author of An Old Man’s Game, and a longtime bookseller and founder/owner of Readers’ Books in Sonoma, California. Born in New York, he grew up in the Los Angeles area and studied poetry and Chinese history at the University of New Mexico. He lives in Sonoma, where Readers’ Books continues to thrive. For upcoming events, please check out his blog here.


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Praise for Reason to Kill

The tight plot is enriched with Amos’s wry observations (“Free is what you are when you don’t want to retire yet but nobody’s beating a path to your doorbell. It’s a terrible thing to be free like that”). Descriptions of Amos’s tender yet increasingly fragile feelings for his dementia-stricken wife add poignancy. Hopefully, Amos still has a long career ahead of him.”
Publishers Weekly

“Amos Parisman is one of the most unique PIs in literary history…a superb character study…Amos Parisman serves as a guide, leading readers from one crime scene to another while reflecting on mankind’s moral decay. His reflections on life are witty and insightful (and sometimes depressing). He provided me with many reasons for wanting to read future installments in the Amos Parisman Mystery series.”
Gumshoe Magazine

Praise for An Old Man’s Game

“Delightful… Mr. Weinberger writes as his hero detects: at a measured and thoughtful pace. Most of the book’s violence takes place offstage, leaving the detective to ponder and ruminate in contemplative fashion. And Amos himself proves pleasant company: a gruff mensch whose avowed atheism is balanced by a humanism that sees him tenderly caring at home for his dementia-prone wife. ‘Everybody matters,’ he says at one point, and as we follow his quest to find out what happened to Rabbi Ezra, we know he means it.”
Wall Street Journal

“Pure entertainment … As characters go, Parisman is as no-nonsense as Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade, but unlike those classic detectives, there’s a bit more heart and nuance to our central character.“
San Francisco Chronicle

Andy Weinberger has done something extraordinary with his first novel: he’s written a truly great detective novel that is fresh and original, but already feels like it’s a classic. In the tradition of Walter Mosley, Raymond Chandler, and Sue Grafton, semi-retired private eye Amos Parisman roams LA’s seedy and not-so-seedy neighborhoods in pursuit of justice. I don’t want another Amos Parisman novel—I want a dozen more!”
Amy Stewart, bestselling author of the Kopp Sisters series, including Girl Waits with Gun.