By Patrick Range McDonald

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Aids Healthcare Foundation’s Crusade to Change the World

This is the inspiring story of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which began as a tiny grassroots nonprofit and is now a global public-health powerhouse, the world’s largest HIV/AIDS medical-care provider. Started in L.A. in the 1980s by a few friends fueled with anger at the neglect of AIDS patients—and a passion to help but no money—AHF has grown through creative, sometimes-controversial ways to become a $1-billion nonprofit that serves the most vulnerable people on the planet in more than 30 countries.

Journalist Patrick Range McDonald spent a full year traveling the world to see first-hand how AHF works in the field, and his history of AHF and leader Michael Weinstein explores how tenacious, ordinary people can change the world. Righteous Rebels serves as both an inspiration to advocates for every sort of worthy cause and a case study on how a nonprofit can use creative business models to serve the public good.

Learn more about the book, and about AIDS Healthcare Foundation, here.

And to learn more about AHF’s global impact, watch this powerful short documentary, The People’s Hope:

Praise for Righteous Rebels

“McDonald has managed a deft balancing act with this book: on one hand providing a fascinating inside view of a billion-dollar non-profit organisation, while on the other hand providing a history of both the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the AIDS crisis, full of human interest and compelling portraits of the major players in the organisation.”
The Lancet, noted scientific journal.

“AHF is a powerful force for good in a society that often overlooks the vulnerable.”
Dr. Cornel West, noted intellectual, academic, and the author of Race Matters

About the Author


Patrick Range McDonald, a graduate of Fordham University, has been a journalist for more than seventeen years, and his work has won numerous awards. A New Jersey native, McDonald lives in West Hollywood, California.