By Linda Lee Peterson


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PREVIEW THE DEVIL’S INTERVAL: The Devil’s Interval—Chapter 1


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The Spy on the Tenessee Walker
A Maggie Fiori Mystery
November 2015
Paperback ISBN 978-1-938849-61-9
ebook ISBN 978-1-938849-62-6

Edited to Death
A Maggie Fiori Mystery
November 2013
Paperback ISBN 978-1-938849-34-3
ebook ISBN 978-1-938849-32-9

The Adventures of Journalist Maggie Fiori Continue

A glamorous socialite murdered in the backseat of a limo. A convicted killer on Death Row, watching the appeals clock tick away. A mother, the doyenne of the San Francisco jazz scene, desperate for help in proving her son’s innocence. Enter Maggie Fiori, too smart for her own good and foolishly open to adventure. With a marriage still in disrepair from her last sleuthing (and adulterous) adventure, two boys to raise, and a magazine to run, you’d think she’d walk away. But Maggie can’t say no when the plea is made mother-to-mother.

There’s sass and mystery and danger and plenty of insider looks at San Francisco society, high and low. The music isn’t sweet in The Devil’s Interval, but it’s unforgettable.

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Linda Lee Peterson is the author of three Maggie Fiori mysteries, The Spy on the Tennessee Walker, Edited to Death and The Devil’s Interval. She has also written several nonfiction books, including The Stanford Century, On Flowers, and Linens and Candlesand has written for many national publications, including the Chicago Tribune. A longtime San Franciscan and an alumna of Stanford University, Peterson now lives in Portland, Oregon. For more information visit her website.

High Praise for The Devil’s Interval

“A clever, breezy narrative dishes up generous helpings of sex, jazz and local Bay Area color.”
Stanford Magazine

“Impossible to put down. Sparkling dialog, references both musical and literary, and an offbeat cast of believable characters make the pages fly by.”
Library Journal STARRED REVIEW

“A fast-paced, intelligent tale of intrigue that will keep readers guessing until the refreshing end.”
Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

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“Murder and music, discord and harmony, guilt and innocence, domesticity and passion, smooth talk and rough sex: In The Devil’s Interval—Linda Lee Peterson’s virtuoso second novel—journalist-sleuth Maggie Fiori scores all the notes. Maggie, like the book, is smart, stylish, and surprisingly steamy!”
Jon Jefferson (Jefferson Bass), New York Times bestselling crime writer

“Maggie Fiori is special—smart, curious, brave, and decidedly stubborn. Just ask her husband, co-workers, and anyone she thinks may be up to no good. For a self-described soccer mom, she leads a surprisingly adventurous life in The Devil’s Interval that includes visiting San Quentin Prison, a San Francisco sex club, and a handful of charity galas in search of the truth behind a vicious killing.”
Susan C. Shea, author of The King’s Jar, a Dani O’Rourke mystery

“Smart and sexy, with the schemes of high society on full display, The Devil’s Interval takes readers on a tour of Everyone’s Favorite City, San Francisco.  As Maggie Fiori attempts to solve this intricate mystery, which begins in San Quentin Prison, what will happen to her marriage, which needs a heavy dose of healing?  Readers will be turning pages to discover the answers.”
Naomi Hirahara, Edgar Award-winning author of the Mas Arai mysteries

The Devil’s Interval is an entertaining mystery, and shines with crisp prose, layered characters, and a gripping plot.”
—Jonnie Jacobs, bestselling author of the Kate Austen and Kali O’Brien mystery series

“An intelligent and gripping novel. Maggie Fiori is a witty, feisty protagonist and Peterson deftly weaves a compelling tale of how far a mother will go to save her child. The Devil’s Interval is a roller-coaster ride through the streets and alleys of San Francisco that will evoke Robert Parker’s Spenser novels with a dash of Janet Evanovich. Get out the flashlight. You’ll be up late.”
—Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of The Conviction

“There are many things I like about this series…Peterson has avoided the pitfalls of making her protagonist either too cozy or too hard-bitten and has crafted in Maggie a character who feels real.”
Deon Stonehouse, Sunriver Books


“Strong focus, admirable prose, and a nifty story.”
Library Journal

“Brave, if blithely arrogant, character Maggie Fiori [is] a thirtysomething Oakland writer/know-it-all sleuth/Volvo-driving wife and mom who solves the murder of her boss, the urbane editor of a chichi regional magazine.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“If you are a Susan Isaacs fan, you will love … journalist-turned-sleuth Maggie Fiori.”
Jacqueline Winspear, author of the bestselling Maisie Dobbs series