By John Vorhaus


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PREVIEW THE TEXAS TWIST: The Texas Twist—Chapter One



After pulling world-class cons in California and New Mexico, Radar Hoverlander and his crew, including girlfriend and master grift artist Allie Quinn and their hapless buddy Vic Mirplo, are back in action, this time in Austin, Texas. So many rich fools to bamboozle—but is Radar having a crisis of conscience? A smart, fast-paced, hilarious work—crime caper fiction at its best.

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“Grifters take pride in not resorting to violence, but the threat of violence is real as a frantic battle royal caps this amusing caper.”
Publishers Weekly

“Superbly splendilicious! No living author reinvents the English language with such conniving wit as John Vorhaus. It’s time to put everything else on hold – the new Radar Hoverlander novel has arrived.”
– Stephen Jay SchwartzLos Angeles Times bestselling author of Boulevard and Beat

“The latest installment in Radar’s adventures looks to be as hilarious and addictive as John’s first two novels in the series, The California Roll and The Albuquerque Turkey.”

“A con artist being conned by another con artist makes for some rather interesting flimflam.”
— Book Revue

“Twisted, turns, surprises, and tons of humorous scenes, this is one book that will keep you laughing, smiling and wanting to get into the game yourself.”
— Fran Lewis’s Book Reviews

“Like many of his books, it is filled with pithy observations, delivered with a comic twist.”
Arroyo Monthly

“John Vorhaus introduced charming con man Radar Hoverlander in 2010’s The California Roll…now he’s back in the Austin-set The Texas Twist.”


“The California Roll is grand entertainment…No caper-novel fan should miss this one.”

“Pleasantly preposterous…what Radar (and Vorhaus) understand is that every emotional attachment can be exploited for the sake of a scam…A lighthearted caper with psychological insight.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Vorhaus keeps things moving briskly, and Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen fans should be pleased.”
Publishers Weekly

John VorhausJohn Vorhaus first introduced the charming con man Radar Hoverlander in the novel California Roll, followed by Albuquerque Turkey; The Texas Twist is the third Radar novel. Vorhaus is also the author of the bestselling writers’ guide The Comic Toolbox, as well as many popular books on poker. Find out more about Radar at and visit John at