By Jennie Cook

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Go behind the scenes at Jennie’s Make It and Take It Pie Baking Extravaganza Party this year.

Watch Jennie make fritters on YouTube here.

Jennie Cook is the chef and owner of Jennie Cook’s Catering and Plant-Based Parties, both based in Los Angeles. She owned the L.A. restaurant Double Dutch Dinette for more than a decade and has been cooking and working in hospitality since she was a teenager. She is the chair of the board of Root Down LA, which promotes healthy eating at high schools in Los Angeles, and she is a Master Food Preserver, a Certified Permaculturist, and an avid visual journaler. Born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Jennie has lived Los Angeles since 1983.



Growing up Pennsylvania Dutch, Jennie Cook learned to appreciate cabbage at a very young age. Pickled slaw was key to a good party in Sellersville, PA. Born into a large family of social, food- and drink-loving people, Jennie learned to take meals and parties very seriously. Her weeknights were spent at the family dinner table, and weekends often brought celebrations of milestones with family and friends. She began her career in food at the age of ten, when she catered a keg party for her big brothers with her best friend as her sous chef. And the story begins.

Jennie embraced her innate talents to build a 30-year career as a Los Angeles caterer and restaurateur. During that time, she also expanded her avenues of artistic expression and became an avid visual journaler. Who Wants Seconds? is a visual-journal cookbook that showcases American cooking in the broadest and best sense, encompassing the heartland classics she grew up with and the dedication to sustainability, healthy eating, and (always) robust flavor that she exudes today.

By the way, Jennie feels strongly that we could save the world if we all have a few more parties.

Who Wants Seconds? is an exuberant, colorful, hand-illustrated collection of more than 75 of Jennie’s best, home-tested recipes for the supper table, along with party-giving wisdom,  tips on sourcing and sustainability, and advice on how to set a balanced table. It will inspire readers to cook for the people they care about, because in the end, what we remember are those events. Make them great.

Many of Jennie’s best dishes are showcased in spectacular photos by David Kiang; also illustrating the book are photos from some of her fellow members of the Echo Park Time Bank, who tested the recipes in their home kitchens.

Here are a few sample pages:

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sunshine gingermiriams chickenfunny_cake

“A fantastic book for those who tend to feel intimidated by entertaining, as it focuses on what’s really important: sharing, community, and love — plus recipes that you know have been well tested in the field!”
—Emily Ho,

“This engaging and colorful book covers a lot of food and fun.”
Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

“Jennie has a great talent for building relationships around delicious food—this beautiful book shares the spirit of her cooking.”

Jamie Oliver, author of Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, The Naked Chef, and many more books

“Jennie Cook is the most talented caterer in Los Angeles. I’ve been lucky enough to have had many fine meals she has prepared. Her dishes inspire everyone from vegans to carnivores to come back for seconds.”

— Erik Knutzen, author of The Urban Homestead and blogger at

“A beautiful book full of intriguing recipes by a woman who cooks with consciousness and love. I can’t wait to try them out!”

Starhawk, permaculture leader and author of The Spiral Dance, The Empowerment Manual, and many other titles

“I met Jennie at a high school in South Central Los Angeles working with RootDown LA to bring healthy, delicious food to teenagers, and I found her approach toward cooking extremely entertaining and convivial. In her new book, I see that the full sense of her joy and colorfulness—similar to that of the many vegetables she surrounds herself with—has been brought to life in the amazing illustrated pages and simple, delicious recipes. Jennie is a treasure in LA, and now Who Wants Seconds? shares with the whole country her wonderful food and her passion for building community around the dinner table.”

Roy Choi, author of L.A. Son and chef/owner of Kogi Taco and L.A. restaurants A-Frame, Chego, and Sunny Spot

“With colorful, hand-drawn illustrations and lots of stories about Jennie’s upbringing in the country, her life of feeding people and family vacations, it’s a very personal and accessible collection of dishes from Sunshine Ginger Soup to Kale Waldorf.”

Eating L.A.

“For Los Angeles chef and caterer Jennie Cook, the holidays are the perfect time to create meals that appeal to vegans, omnivores and everyone in between, thanks to great seasonal produce that can turn side dishes into culinary stars…It’s [Who Wants Seconds?] a collection of 85 recipes designed to help build community around the table – regardless of how people choose to eat.”

— Grant Butler,  food and entertainment writer for The Oregonian