What a week we’ve had!

We officially launched The Silent Second at Vroman’s on Monday, 8/21, and it was packed! Everyone enjoyed author Adam Walker Phillip‘s hilarious Powerpoint, and fellow PPB author Naomi Hirahara was there to ask him some questions about his debut mystery novel, why he picked L.A. as the book’s setting, and all about his writing process.

Not only that, but PPB’s cookbooks (and our fearless leader, Colleen Bates!) saw a lot of press attention in the last few days—to be sure you didn’t miss anything, check out the three L.A. Times stories we were featured in below! 


To start off our list, “This small Altadena press is publishing some terrific L.A. cookbooks” is all about Prospect Park Book’s founder, Colleen, and our many cookbooks, and also serves as a great primer to those unfamiliar both with our press, and the L.A. publishing scene in general (for more on L.A. as a growing publishing hotbed, check out our last blog post here). Beginning with a history of how we made one of our best-selling cookbooks, Celebrating with Julienne, the article delves into the difficult process of producing a successful cookbook, and also speaks to the process of how they get started. So, if you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of making a cookbook, this article is definitely a must-read!

Next up are two articles on cookbooks in L.A. that feature our very own L.A. Mexicano by Bill Esparza. The first is titled “7 L.A. cookbooks you’ll want on your kitchen bookshelf,” and it gives a great list of essential cookbooks for all Angeleno foodies, as well as those who are looking to expand their culinary horizons.

Here’s an excerpt from the article: “In his introduction, author Bill Esparza writes that both he and his publisher, Colleen Dunn Bates, were surprised that a book like this — one that explores a history of Mexican cooking in greater Los Angeles — had not been written before. It is indeed surprising, and “L.A. Mexicano,” which was published in June, does well to correct this oversight. ”

Finally, L.A. Mexicano got a second shoutout from the L.A. Times in their second article, “Is 2017 the year of the Los Angeles cookbook?” It features many of the same cookbooks in article linked above, but does ask a very important question: are we really experiencing the golden age of the Los Angeles cookbook this year? This article claims that yes; “we just might be.”

PPB also got a nice mention in this article, since we have been steadily publishing L.A. area-based cookbooks for a long time now. “While Altadena-based independent press Prospect Park Books has been distributing and publishing local cookbooks for a decade, major publishing houses have expressed this level of interest in L.A. dining only relatively recently.”

All in all, we’d say PPB had a pretty great week of press! We’re so excited that our company and our cookbooks are getting the love (we think!) they deserve, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already, for all our latest book news.

Now go forth and read those articles in their entirety! They’re well worth the read, and goodness knows the L.A. Times could use the readership right now (do a little Google search if you don’t know what we’re referring to—they definitely have had a crazier week than we did!).

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