suzannegreenberg-340wWe couldn’t be more excited for our upcoming publication of local author Suzanne Greenberg’s thoughtful novel Lesson Plans, slated for release in May 2014. The book departs from Greenberg’s previous books aimed at children and delves into a very adult topic—the trials that many parents experience upon choosing to homeschool their children. Lesson Plans follows the lives of three Long Beach families who have found their way to homeschooling for various reasons, and what happens when their paths intertwine for inevitable conflict. CSU Long Beach, where Greenberg is a professor of English, profiled Greenberg just last month in Inside CSULB, the university’s bi-weekly publication. In it, Greenberg gabs about the inspiration behind the book, why she didn’t homeschool her own children, and what keeps her writing despite the demands of her day job.

Check it out to learn more about Suzanne Greenberg and her upcoming publication, and don’t forget to look out for Lesson Plans’ release in Spring 2014!

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