5 Books for Back to School

Back To School Blues? August is ending, September is beginning, and more importantly: School is starting. Between scrambling to finish summer reading assignments and scanning the internet for cheap textbooks, people may find that books…

Educating Your Child in Los Angeles panel to feature our own Judy Rothman

Attention, Los Angeles parents! These days, your child's future is starting sooner than ever. And no matter where you are in the process, there's a ton of confusing, stressful decisions to be made. The Outstanding Mothers' Gathering, a networking…

College Timeline for Neurotic Parents

Here is a private tweet that I received from a follower: Q: I have ordered your book, but frankly, with all the stress involved preparing my junior for applying for colleges, I doubt if I will have the time to read it. Is there any way you can provide a timeline of what I should do when? A: If your child is a junior in high school, you are a tad late to begin preparing. But just in case you want to agonize about all the missed opportunities, here is a brief summary of what to do when: ONE MONTH BEFORE BIRTH -- Travel to Dhaka, so your baby will qualify for Bangladeshi citizenship. BIRTH -- Send APGAR scores to the colleges you will be considering in 17 years.