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LATFOB, Paperback L.A. Pub Date & Upcoming Book Launch!

Today is a special day—it's the official release date for our latest title, Paperback L.A. Book 1: A Casual Anthology! We had a great time debuting the book at the L.A. Times Festival of Books this year for an early preview, and the overwhelming…

To Hell with LaLa Land—L.A. Is Book Land

Enough with the clichés about L.A. being only about movies, TV, and juice cleanses. We're here to report that our city's small-press scene has been exploding. Check out Eagle Rock–based Unnamed Press, which is rocketing to success with…

Prospect Park Books at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books!

It's that time of year...  Spring is in the air, and books are on our mind! One of the biggest book festivals in the world (and the largest in the United States!) is right around the corner, and many of PPB's authors will be in attendance—both…

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