VanityplatesFew publishing projects have brought us more in-office fun than Jennifer Worick‘s Things I Want to Punch in the Face, which we first published in 2012. Not only is Jen, a publishing whiz with more than 25 books to her name and a successful consulting business that helps authors, an absolute delight to work with, but her irreverent rants about the everyday annoyances of life are positively therapeutic.

So when we were about out of stock after a successful three-year run, including a terrific stint nationwide at Urban Outfitters, we called up Jen and suggested that instead of just doing another printing of the same book, we publish a new one. Surely in the intervening years she’d found some new things that chap her hide?


Jennifer Worick

Oh yes she had. A fast-changing world brings a raft of new aggravations every day, and in the new Things I Want to Punch in the Face, which launches today, Jen Worick lets them have it. Buzzfeed quizzes, TED talks, passwords, yoga pants, #blessed, TOMS shoes, cold-pressed coffee… the annoyances, they just keep on coming.

Naturally, we cannot think of a better holiday, birthday, or just-because gift than this cheeky, vibrantly designed, laugh-out-loud-funny book, which sells for a mere $11.95, so we predict great things for this little paperback. You’ll find it nationwide and in Canada at a gift store, bookstore, or online vendor near you. And by all means join in the punching fun on the Punch Facebook page and on Jen Worick’s extremely popular Twitter feed.


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