Did you just notice that Valentine’s Day is coming and don’t have any plans or gift ideas? Are the Pinterest DIY’s lacking the originality your valentine deserves? Here are a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your reader S/O while also celebrating a love for books!

  1. Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is known as the day to celebrate love, but that doesn’t just apply to couples! Inspired by Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, the creation of “Galentine’s Day” (now celebrated on February 13th) invites you to show love to your gal pals. One sure way can be to take a day trip and find the most perfect Instagrammable places all over Los Angeles! Using Dorie Bailey’s Insta L.A. as a tour map, you and your crew can explore the city’s beauty while also documenting the moments you share along the way!

  1. A full stomach means a happy heart!

There’s a reason people say the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach; sharing delicious food is a guaranteed way to bond with loved ones. Sure, you can buy a dozen red velvet cupcakes for your loved one, but what better way to show you care than by baking something with extra love? Better yet, how about a romantic, baking date-night! Christine Moore’s Little Flower Baking lists mouthwatering recipes that are sure to spark the mood and be fun to do together. Moore’s flourless chocolate cake recipe is simply heavenly!

  1. Literary scavenger hunt

Is your partner a bookworm just like you? Do they have a TBR stack that adding onto it will do worse? Going on a book-inspired scavenger hunt is the perfect date day plan! Los Angeles has a profound literary history that will definitely interest you both. Starting by the Frolic Room in Hollywood, next to the Pantages Theatre, it’s the oldest bar in town and it hosted a number of famous literary figures, such as Charles Bukowski. The bar has appeared in a few films and hosts some readings, too! Other go-to spots to check out are famous writers’ houses, like Joan Didion’s and Upton Sinclair’s. Didion is an essayist who became famous in the 1960s for bringing to light Californian subcultures. Upton Sinclair, activist writer and Pulitzer winner (1943), resided in his Monrovian home until 1966; it is now a National Historic Landmark. For more literary spots, check out Read Me, Los Angeles coming out 3/10.

  1. Beachside Painting Date

California’s beaches are so much more than wave gazing and sunbathing–they’re the perfect places to feel and share inspiration! Pack your supplies– two canvases, paintbrushes and Kenton Nelson’s Water for ideas! Nelson’s paintings capture California’s vivacity through bright tones and an idealistic style. Using beachgoers as subjects and the view as a landscape, you and your date are sure to create masterpieces before sunset.

  1. Worst comes to worst, a new book is always welcome!

Take a peep at their book collection and see what’s missing! Check out our books to see what your Valentine would love to read the most.

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